AHGS Photographs

The photos presented here have been submitted by various Old Boys who were fortunate enough to have kept them from their AHGS days.

If anyone has any other pictures, especially non-Boarder pictures, please submit them to Hugh Bracey

Also, if you can identify a missing name or can spot an alias being used inadvertently please email Hugh with the amendments.

General Gallery

Prefects 1948 - 49

B.A.Shepherd, Allenry, A.Walker, W.A.Kneale, P.Woodthorpe, Morris
D.Ackroyd, M.Bartram, D.F.Meek, A.B.Hodgson, P.Barwick, J.Harrison, J.Elwick.

Prefects 1951

N.Swain, W.A.Cook, R.D.Taylor, P.Gawthorne, H.Chapman, C.B.Procter, I.D.Forster, J.Davies
R.I.Owston, P.Woodthorpe, J.A.P.Russell, A.B.Hodgson, D.A.Hargrave, J.R.Brooke, ???

Form 4 Beta, 1953 - 54

Gordon K Hurrell is 6th from the right at the back of the group - any news of anybody else would be of interest.

Cast of "Volpone", 1954

Lund, Machin and Clive Brown, 1954

Form Photo 1954, with signatures

B D Davis,???,???, Malcolm Smith, E.Doody, ???, ???, ???
M R Dixon, I. McPherson, ???, Robert Hart, P.Blyth, ???, ???, ???.
???, ???, ???, Ian Eaglesfield, ???, ???, D. McArthur, ???.
Jon Burrows, ???, Robert Aveyard, ???, ???, Chris Houseman, ???.

Form Photo circa 1955

Prefects 1956

Chris Houseman, ???, M.R. Dixon, ???, ???, Frank Smith, Robert Hart.
Brian Abell, William Leach, ???, A.B.Hodgson, ???, ???, Ian Eaglesfield.

Prefects 1957

???, ???, ???, Clark, ???, Wood
Ian McGibbon, ???, C.C Houseman, A.B.Hodgson, ???, ???, Chris Hayne

6th Form, 1960

Cotterill, Sykes, Clegg, Kennewell, Fletcher, Brown, Popple, Harper, Lister, Thomson CFG, Shaw, Robinson D, Smith, Monaghan(?), Debenham, ????
Gott, Gallagher, Gillespie, Greatham, Etherington, Bedlington, Wilkins, Skinner, Jordan, Robinson P, Tunnah, Wright, Finneron MF, Stukely?, Young?, ????, Grainger, Millington
Lennard, Laycock, Howe, Jackson, Blitz, Rotherham, Sedgwick, Sam Lack, Bloss Ward, Bodkin Anderson, Robertshaw, Coles?, Farmer, Newall, Jarrold?, ?????, Corbett

6th Form, Hull 1960

Debenham, Sykes, Etherington, Sedgwick

6th Form, Hull (2) 1960

Taken in Hull by B Clegg when at an electronics exhibition with Uncle George Robinson (Physics master).
Why we needed to see this I don't know but it was better than sitting about in school.

6th Form Maths, 1960

Harold Harper (now Dr Harold Harper) and Bloss Ward.
The shoulder is that of no less than our erstwhile chum P Sedgewick.
In room 18, round the back of Brook St.

6th Form Maths (2) 1960

Etherington et al in 6th form maths again

Room 18, 1960

In which we find Farmer, Brown, Harper and Etherington.
Another of Brian Clegg's Room 18 selection.

Form 5 Alpha, April 1960

R. Foster, B. Milner, G.P. Gill, G. Hobman, B. Jeffery, D. Leigh, D. Gott, W.F. Taylor, N.S. Bilham, W. Driffield
P. Smith, R. Phillips, K. Pye, J. Morrell, G. Tumber, M. Haigh, K. Thompson, B. Wilson, C. Kilvington, A.J. Hunter
C.Richardson, N. Van Rensburg, D. Florence, C. Ward, D.A. Berryman (form tutor), W.H. Backhouse, D.J. Swales, A. Slater, R.A. Herbert.

Prefects 1961

Thain?, Fletcher, ???, ???, Corbett, Barber
Blitz, Rotheram, Hodgson?, Head: D A Frith, Laycock, Wilkins

Sports Gallery

1st XV Rugby team, 1945 - 46

H.R.Watts, ???, D.Gray, ???, H.Foxton, S.I.J.Parkin, Park, J.M.Patrick, ???
G.Gray, J.K.Thornham, S.Willoughby,, A.B.Hodgson, A.Gray, Tyson, J.H.Denby
???, G.S.Harrison, M.Bartram, ???

1st XI Cricket team 1946

H.R.Watts, L.Barker, ???, D.Gray, D.G.Meek, T.G.Raines, Bartle, ???
A.Gray, D.Ainley, J.M.Patrick, A.B.Hodgson, J.K.Thornam, A.Foxton, S.I.J.Parkin

1st XV Rugby team 1946 - 47

H.R.Watts, Peaden, G.S.Harrison, Leyton, Pulling, Mills, Meek, M.Bartram, Dinnett, Parkin, Coxhead
H.Foxton, J.H.Denby, J.M.Patrick, A.B.Hodgson, Tyson, G.Gray, Park
J.G.Raines, Briggs

1st XV Rugby team 1947 - 48

H.R.Watts, G.S.Harrison?, J.R.Ward, T.G.Raines, J.Hollier, W.A.Kneale, P.Woodthorpe, A.Walker
W.R.Peaden, M.Bartram, J.H.Denby, A.B.Hodgson, D.G.Meek, G.S.Harrison?, P.Barwick
A.Hick, J.Wells

1st XI Cricket team 1948

H.R.Watts, K.Robinson, A.Wright, I.Edwards, K.I.Lyon, R.D.Taylor, G.S.Harrison
J.Prophet, T.G.Raines, D.G.Meek (Capt), A.B.Hodgson, D.Ackroyd, P.Colley, J.Wells

1st XV Rugby team 1948 - 49

H.R.Watts, G.Atkinson, J.Prophet, C.B.Proctor, R.D.Taylor, D.Herbert, A.Hick, W.A.Kneale, J.R.Ward, A.Walker
G.S.Harrison J.L.Harrison, D.G.Meek, A.B.Hodgson, M.Bartram, P.Barwick, P.Woodthorpe
J.R.Dealtry, J.B.Waud

The Unbeaten 1st XV Rugby team 1950-51.
At the end of the season we were treated to a special lunch, by "Plug", in a restaurant.

M.R.Ayres, J.I.Davies, J.R.Brooke, C.E.Dealtry, F.D.Barnes
H.R.Watts, B.C.Ramsdale, W.B.Nalton, C.E.Relton, G.S.Downs, R.I.Owston, J.A.P.Russell, R.Gill
N.Swain, C.B.Proctor, P.Woodthorpe, A.B.Hodgson, D.A.Hargrave, R.D.Taylor, I.D.Forster

'39 Club Tennis team, 1950 (1951?)

A.Leadsley, R.Shepherd, R.I.Owston, R.E.Bramfitt, ???, G.Newton
I.D.Forster, A.R.Appleby, F.D.Barnes, N.Swain, J.Davies, D.Langton

Ian Eaglesfield, Swimming, 1954

First XI Cricket Team, 1954

7-a-side Rugby Team, Ilkley, 1955?

David Smith, Gerald Richardson, Frank Laurence, Andy Watson, David Harrison (Linesman)
Peter Ayres, Chris Houseman, Murray (Mo) Watson

Athletics Team, 1956

???, ???, ???, Jim Fraser, ???, Chris Hayne, Ian McGibbon, Harris
K.T.Lucas, ???, ???, A.B.Hodgson, ???, A.Watson, ???

AHGS Colts Rugby Team, 1956/57

Rotheram, Scott, Coates, Foster, Wright, Robertshaw, Calvert, Lowery, Foggin, Blanchard, Etherington
Finneron MF, Newall, Hartshorn, Wrigglesworth, Sedgewick, Easton
Trousdale, Robinson DM, Leckey, Addison.

First XV Rugby Team, 1957

Athletics Team, 1959

First XI Cricket Team 1960

Berryman, Thain, Milner, Florence, Skinner, Lockwood, Howe, Foster
Spivey, Pannett, Wright, Elliot(Capt), Barker, Sedgewick, Peacock

First XI Cricket Team 1961

Berryman, Middleton, Barber, Rotheram, Robinson, Hindle, Lee, Foster
Thain, Lockwood, Florence, Sedgewick, Hope, Howe, Skinner

School Swimming Sports Day, Yearsley Baths, 1961

Unofficial Hockey Team, 1961-62

Bob Meir, Roxi Kilvington, Mick Hepple, ???, Wilf Hattee, Pete?, Henry?, ???, Bob Foster
Pete Ray, Mike Thain, Martin Rotheram

Taken at the unofficial hockey match against QAGS

Boarders' Gallery

Boarders, 1951

Front Row: P.Stell, R.W.Cooper, N.Swain, J.R.Brooke, R.M.Mayes, Mrs Hodgson, A.B.Hodgson,
Mrs Davis, Mr Hiscox, W.J.Cook, C.B.Proctor, N.E,Dalton, M.Cunliffe

Boarders, 1954/55 (Taken 1955)

Portas, Willan, Donovan, Holliday, Harrison, Hunter, Etherington, Worral, Shackleton, Bracey, Hall
Nicholson, De Tute, Hardisty, Smith, Johnson, Jones, Bochsler, Dennison, Turner, Ibbotson
Fishburn, Abell, R.A.C.Milligan, Mrs Hodgson, A.B.Hodgson, E.Sellars, R.M.Mayes, Leach (House Capt.), Haig, Hayne
Sally Hodgson.

Boarders, Scout Troop 1955

Hall, Bracey, Ibbotson,Holiday, Donovan, Etherington, Worrall, Portas
Shackleton, Nicholson, Dennison, De Tute, Bochsler, Hardisty, Hunter, Harrison
Turner, Jones, Stewart (Sam) Lack, A Hodgson (Head), Johnson, Hayne, Fishburn.

Boarders' Scout Troop, 1955 Outside Brook Street buildings

Worrall, Hall, Donovan, Shackleton, Etherington( Half Cut?), Willan, Hunter, Ibbotson, Holliday
Bracey, Harrison , Nicholson, Dennison, De Tute, Bochsler, Hardisty, Portas
Turner, Jones, Smith, Sam Lack, Johnson, Fishburn, Hayne.

Boarders, 1955/56 (Taken 1956)

Wilson, Milner, Shackleton, Donovan, Leckey, Helsby, Newall, Adrian Hunter, Wignall, Thain
Nicholson, De Tute, ?, Boschler, Dennison, Hardisty, Ibbotson, Harrison, Etherington, Martin Hunter, Willan, Bracey
Murray Watson, Marshall, Abell, R.M.Mayes, A.B.Hodgson, R.A.C.Milligan, Hayne, Jones, Andy Watson.

Staff Gallery

Henry Worth, Senior Chemistry Master 1901 - 1934


AHGS Staff 1960

R.G.Currington, R.A.C.Milligan, A.Taylor, J.B.Anderson, E.S.Lack, A.D.Reed, A.D.Tomlinson, M.J.Rogers, J.W.Caley
W.D.Coleman, D.J.Robinson, P.F.S.Evans, R.M.Mayes, A.West, G.S.Robinson, A.Walker, B.A.Atkinson, D.A.Berryman, S.H.Tilsley, M.D.Dearman
S.M.White, M.Ebbage, W.H.C.Burn, A.Holderness, A.Forster, D.A.Frith, W.G.Adams, H.R.Watts, C.Wilks, G.W.Ward, W.Baines

A.B.Hodgson and Mr Truscott

Headmaster A.B.Hodgson presents Mr Truscott with his retirement gift.
(What is it? A Vidor portable radio possibly, required a 90 Volt battery!)



Newspaper cutting announcing the retirement of P.J.Vinter, 1937:
"Mr P.J.Vinter, Headmaster at Archbishop Holgate's Grammar School, York, who is retiring after 22 years' service,
photographed at the school to-day with some of his principal scholars
A.R.Prest (School Captain), J.E.G.Howarth (Head of the House) and E.D.Swann (Vice-Captain)"

H.N. "Boney" Thompson

Picture published in "The Mitre" magazine, Spring 1954

Various Documents

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Map showing AHGS etc. 1907

"Henry V" 1950
Photo and Programme

Ilkley 7-a-side draw,
1950 and 1951

Dance Ticket & Programme,
'39 Club, 1954

"Holiday Fun"
poster & programme, 1954

"Skule Daze" 1955?,
programme from the revue

Extract from "The Mitre" 1955

Reminiscenses 1904 - 1955
(pdf document)

Extract from "The Mitre" Spring 1959

"The Mitre" Autumn 1961
(complete issue, 32 pages)