The Beginning

Between September and December 2001, as a result of contact from the web site, a bunch of us (Rod Shaw, John Foggin, Hugh Bracey, Alan Etherington, Dave Harrison, Geoff Portas and Vic Worrall) were in email correspondence and were trying to find some of our contemporaries who seemed to have vanished from the face of the earth (John Debenham, where are you!!!)

In mid December the following email exchange (edited) took place:

14/12/01 - David: What do you all think about setting up an AHGS Website (probably just for those who attended the Lord Mayor's Walk School) with links to lists of teachers, and to pupils in each house, then links to one or more pages for each individual?
Just a thought!

14/12/01 - Hugh: I think David's idea for a LORD MAYOR'S WALK AHGS web site is a good one. The down side is that any decent web site needs a lot of work initially and needs to be maintained and updated regularly. I may be wrong but I think that, at present, those with the wherewithall to set up the site are also those who could not devote the time to maintaining it. I would be happy to be proved wrong on this! :)

15/12/01 - Vic: I think it is a great idea but I for one do not have either the brain or the time to put it together!!

16/12/01 - Geoff: I'd be willing to take this on if someone will undertake to supply me with the information.

16/12/01 - Hugh: Geoff, I am glad you took the bait! {grin}

17/12/01 - Geoff: Hugh, I wondered if you were fishing!!
Are you volunteering to be the information provider? I don't suppose you have a copy of the Mitre logo?

18/12/01 - Hugh: A web page may just collect some more names from the past.
I am sure we have all entered "AHGS" or "Archbishop Holgate" into a search engine and been disappointed with the results. This would redress the balance and we can have links to the sites which are more geared up to the post Lord Mayors Walk days.

From these small acorns, the site took shape and we went on line at the beginning of January 2002, thanks to the efforts of Geoff Portas.

(..and thanks to Hugh Bracey for paying the domain name registration fee and the site hosting fees, for his efforts in collating all the data (a more onerous task than mine I think!) and for transmitting the information to me in a form that eases my task - Geoff.)

We were hoping to have between 200-300 visits in the first couple of months and maybe 30 or so people adding themselves to the Roll Call. As at 10th March 2002 we had had over 1100 visitors to the site and over 60 people have submitted details for the Roll Call.

We have also received a treasure trove of photos and memorabilia, in addition to memories, which are being added to the site as fast as we can, bearing in mind that neither Geoff nor I are fully retired yet (I am still running 2 totally different businesses). We are grateful for this input and welcome any other photos, Mitre extracts, stage show programs etc in addition to any missing names from the various photos. Your responses to any of the memories in addition to your own memories are also welcomed and we will insert these in the relevant sections.

I can see a reunion meeting/dinner on the horizon, perhaps in York in June/July 2002. If this is of interest to anyone perhaps they would email me ( so that we can gauge the possible response and see whether we need to be thinking of booking a banqueting hall.{grin}

Hugh Bracey
11th March 2002