Alan Etherington

No wonder we always won, we had 20 men playing. Mick Easton used to play right wing and when I was on that line we'd go like mad. I'd keep shouting "Outside Mick," and he very nearly passed it to me many a time he reckoned. If he had I wouldn't have known what to do with it, I was more of a hockey player and swimmer, I didn't like playing these sorts of games with all those rough boys. What ever happened to Mick? We were always in the same class going up and down like yo-yos in the first year 1X, 1Z, 1Y - there weren't any left or we'd have been there as well! Then we stuck in the B stream for the rest of our school lives until he left to join the police at the end of the 5th year. I met him after that and he had left the police and started with British Railways in the main offices. He said that there were too many bosses in the police and they wouldn't let him home at the end of shifts and he had to get the last bus anyway so if he missed it he had to sleep in the cells.

John Zimnoch

I even spent a very happy year in the 8th form to improve my grades- never happened but I got my first-15 colours and we had a very successful rugby season; beat Willie Turners at Redcar and even QEGS from Wakefield - brilliant.
One of my happy memories is playing in the first fifteen in the last year at school and beating the older students from St John's at our new ground at Hull Road, even after Mick Barker, our stand off, got hurt.
I was sad to see Trevor Howe on the roll call, seeing his name I was hoping reports of his demise were false but alas wishful thinking. I would meet him for a pint whenever I visited my mum in York, he was a lovely quiet man with a great sense of humour and a love of sport, an enthusiastic cricketer.
Nobody could beat Pete Sedgewick, remember what a batsman he was?
I never thought of myself as an athlete, mainly because rugby was the thing and I was never a star at that, solid perhaps-what a poor thing that is-next in the line is crap!
However, school swimming champion 6 out of 8 years, captain of basketball for 2 years-no defeats maybe I wasn't as bad as I thought I was.
I think I would also be in the running for most lines, subs, detentions, drills, and canings - maybe not the winner in each individual category but in the medals overall.

Frank Laurence

Ilkley 7-a-side
I'm in the subject photo - wish the hairline hadn't changed. Missing names are, b.r., l to r, David Owen Smith, Gerald Richardson and yours truly. The missing name, f.r. is Peter Ayres. Houseman's firstname is Chris. I'd have said the year was 1958 if Chris hadn't featured. He was a year or so in front of me so maybe it was 1957. I think I was in the Colts in 1955.

Peter Smith

Missing names for the 7-a-side Rugby Team, Ilkley 1955 are as follows:
Back Row L - R Smith D O, Richardson G or J (Jeg), Laurence F
Front Row L -R Ayres (Min)

Bob Foster

My passion at school was rugby although I never made the First XV. I played club rugby for 15 years after leaving school. I greatly regret having lost contact with my school friends many of whom went on to University. I went on a school trip to Boppard in 1962 and I can remember also climbing into the school field to play hockey against QUAGS - this was not an authorised event.(See Photo in Sports Section of hockey team)

Frank Laurence

I was fortunate enough to represent AHGS on two occasions at Ilkley and my abiding memory is of the atmosphere there on both occasions, electrifying. If anyone is able to put me in touch with Geg (Jeg)Richardson, one of those featured in the photo, there's a bottle of malt on offer.