22: Mitre 1959, P1
22a: Mitre 1959, P2
22b: Mitre 1959, P3

Peter Grainger

Hugh, it appears that we were in the same play although mine was only a bit part. I also did not realise that we were in some "yet to be established" illustrious company. One Frank Dobson!! Which one is he on the group photo - bottom centre?

Hugh Bracey

I am the one on the right in the drab costume - servant bit part players didn't get to wear gaudy clothes. I recall walking out in the playground in the dark in full makeup, and I think it was Cotterell who failed to recognise me under the greasepaint when I met him there. Vic, proof indeed that you were a thespian in heady company! Can anyone identify any of the others in the photos under the makeup?

Vic Worrall

That is amazing, more so because I do not remember anything about it. I remember being in something as an urchin when in the first or second form and then I was in something else where I think Font (Mike Willan) had the lead role. This explains my theatrical bent, Jessica's inheritance and my political background...I still tread the boards for the village panto, which I also direct......perhaps I should have been an actor or a pop star.....I think I could cope with adulation and women throwing themselves at me!!!!

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