40: 1st XV Rugby team 1950 - 51
Back Row:M.R.Ayres, J.I.Davies, J.R.Brooke, C.E.Dealtry, F.D.Barnes
Middle Row: H.R.Watts, B.C.Ramsdale, W.B.Nalton, C.E.Relton, G.S.Downs, R.I.Owston, J.A.P.Russell, R.Gill
Front Row: N.Swain, C.B.Proctor, P.Woodthorpe, A.B.Hodgson, D.A.Hargrave, R.D.Taylor, I.D.Forster

This is the Unbeaten AHGS Rugby 1st XV of 1950-51. At the end of the season we were treated to a special lunch, by "Plug", in a restaurant.

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